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New Spice Mixer & Small Party Caterer in Cheboygan

Welcome to MoJo Spices & Catering, where I offer a variety of spice mixes & rubs, from the classic spices to the more exotic. My mission is: "MoJo Spices & Catering has but ONE MISSION, To deliver Superior Product(s) & Services with Exceptional Quality & Amazing Taste." One of the other important things I hope to provide is the best value possible for my customers so that your money goes further when it comes to making delicious home-cooked meals. I am based in Cheboygan and have been helping satisfied customers get more acquainted with various cuisines for the past year and a half. If you will like to learn more about MoJo Spices & Catering or have a question about something we stock, please contact me by phone: (231) 373-0200 or by email:

My Story...

MoJo Spices & Rubs is owned and run by Daniel Mohlé. I have been making spice mixes for myself and my friends and family for the past several years. I am told I am a very creative thinker when it comes to flavor combinations. I like to think “outside the spice box”... This is a dream coming to fruition as a result of many years in the foodservice industry. Throughout my experiences, I have found that there is a market for specialty spice mixes & rubs, especially ones that are made from high-quality ingredients, have multiple uses and are made with a focus on both personal health and FLAVOR! I have a Double Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutrition and Food Service management from Oregon State University. Based on both my education and my experience, I am well aware of food allergies and I try very hard to reduce the chance of there being any allergic reactions, this is why all of the mixes offered are gluten-free & Dairy Free as well as noting which mixes are salt and/or sugar-free. In addition to offering recipes and cooking ideas using my mixes and rubs, I also offer nutritional consultation services as well. I try to use certified organic and locally available ingredients whenever possible. One of my main focuses is to provide high quality and flavorful mixes & rubs. I also believe in supporting other local businesses so that we can all thrive.

Services Available

Free initial Consultation
Personal Attention
Any Age Classes Offered
Personal Chef Services Available
On Location Small Party Catering Available
Drop-off Small Party Catering Available

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